Intelligent Calendar

Nightpricer’s Intelligent Calendar sets smart pricing for every night of the year, increasing and decreasing based on the season, day of the week, and week of the month. And for the pros that know their own market better than anyone, each algorithm is completely adjustable to create optimal pricing fluctuations.

Market Finder

Unlike other dynamic pricing apps that suggest pricing updates based on the performance of competitor properties, Nightpricer automates pricing fluctuations based on booking frequencies to help each property find it’s nightly pricing “sweet spot”, and maximize rental income throughout the year.

Event Maximizer

Nightpricer finds the “sweet spot” for your event dates as well. The key to Nightpricer’s successful ADR strategy is identifying and capitalizing on the year’s most valuable nights. These dates start with specially marked-up event rates, then find their true market rate by increasing or decreasing based on the rental’s booking frequency.

Fire Sale

As unbooked nights draw near, Nightpricer’s “Fire Sale” feature boosts occupancy by discounting last-minute rates to grab more bookings. This added layer gives Nightpricer a true “one-two punch”, allowing property managers to maximize occupancy while ADR continues to increase.

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